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Efficiency, Adaptability and Personalization for your Animals

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The MAXIMUS solution for your hog needs

Electronic  Sow Feeding


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1. Robust and cleverly protected from damage and interference, Maximus RFID readers ensure a quick and reliable detection of the sows when they enter the station.

2. Maximus controls the chain feeder and knows the bin weight, making the individual feed sensors unnecessary. If there is no feed in the bin or if the chain disk is running empty, Maximus detects it BEFORE the reserves on the feeders are empty, giving more reaction time to fix the issues. 

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3. Thanks to its DC motors and state-of-the-art control circuit, Maximus is able to precisely monitor the motor’s current and send alarms when the station is blocked by a branch or corn husk. A hopper’s height is limited by the height of the ceiling and the chain feeder, not the power of the motor. 

4. Maximus is much more resistant to the barn environment and lightning than a PC designed for a home or office. If the main controller unexpectedly stops working, all the modules keep feeding the sows independently. Plus, Maximus sends a text message or generates a call if a problem is detected.

5. In addition to the message sent by text, Maximus has very clear and visible light indicators that can be seen from far away. A red light flashing quickly on a module is indicative of an alarm. 

6. Maximus ESF system and production management software are developed by top veterinarian, production and engineering experts who are very well equipped to give production managers and nutritionists the technology and tools they need to feed and manage sows the way they deem best.  

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7. Simple and effective feed management

  • Ability to increase, decrease to stop feed distribution for a certain amount of time to help prevent feed waste or help sows with poor body condition

  • Individualized feed program according to the number of days of gestation and the condition of the animal

  • Feed matrix according to the sow’s parity and body condition

  • Data sharing between gestation and farrowing: the number of gestation days of the sow is memorized and the right feed program is assigned without any manual intervention

  • A simple light code indicates where the animal is in its daily ration

8. Smart equipment adapted to animal welfare

  • Customized stations for either gilts or sows: no pushing and shoving, fewer injuries

  • Simple and noise-free mechanism facilitating gilt and sow training

  • Marking system to quickly recognize which animal is not feeding will. This system can also be used to mark animals that need to be transferred to farrowing or they need to be vaccinated

9. Piglets care

The Maximus technology detects piglets. As soon as a piglet is detected, the feeding program changes automatically according to what is desired for optimal lactation. The comfort zone’s temperature is adjusted daily based on the piglets’ needs with no interruptions when the sow is being fed. 

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10. Your time is precious

With the tablet, it is possible to view the history of each animal and make changes in real time as needed without consulting the main computer. Maximus offers a complete solution that manages the feed, the complete animal environment but also gathers data and generates reports for an efficient production monitoring. 

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Hog Sorting

Fast and Accurate Sorting


An important part of the Maximus
Management system

Maximus Hog Sorter features

  • Pig friendly open design

  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction-compare the Maximus to other sorters and find that Maximus uses a considerable heavier gauge of stainless steel for a long trouble-free sorter life. 

  • Longer interior cage for heavier pigs

  • Stainless Steel checkered floor with anti-lay down bar.

  • Top mounted load cells for trouble free service. 

How to sort successfully

  • Pig friendly open design

  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction-compare the Maximus to other sorters and find that Maximus uses a considerable heavier gauge of stainless steel for a long trouble-free sorter life. 

  • Longer interior cage for heavier pigs

  • Stainless Steel checkered floor with anti-lay down bar.

  • Top mounted load cells for trouble free service. 

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Ease of use of the Maximus Hog Sorter

Maximus Controler 2.jpg
  • Maximus control can be installed in the office. 

  • All sorters are wired to the Maximus control.

  • Easy to follow Maximus set up wizard.

  • Bypass switches on the sorter. 

Maximus per design

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Precision Ag Hog Sorter 2.jpg

Maximus can help with the sorter pen designs of any facility.

Our years of experience in pen design can increase the performance of your facility by using a pen design that focuses on proper pig flow.

Proper pen layout will save on equipment costs and create a stress-free environment that will allow pigs to live up to their genetic potential.

Other unique Maximus  Hog Sorter options

Heavy pigs sort option-Allows the user to move pigs into the shipping pen even if the shipping pen has been filled. 

Continuous flow option-Allows the user to start moving pigs from one pen into the other for all the sorters at the same time. This option also allows the user to keep inventories in all the pens.

Full access to the Maximus sorters using your smart phone or tablet.

Your Solution for Biosecurity

Biosecurity is your responsibility

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Did you know...

...the Government of Canada implemented a swine biosecurity standard

The standard was designed to facilitate control of all pathogens that could cause diseases in pigs, and those that are related to food safety and human health.

...this standard provides for the application of the following principles

Segregation: Use of barriers.
Sanitation: Cleaning and washing activities.
Flow Management: Set of measures taken to prevent the cross-contamination of uninfected pigs by organizing the flow of pigs, people, and materials within a farm or production system. Log and record keeping.

...humans are one of the main contamination vectors

All family members, employees, essential service providers, and local or foreign visitors can carry pathogens on their boots, clothes, or body, and are thus pathogen vectors. 

The Maxiums System does all of the above and more!

  • Sophisticated access and movement control for employees, service providers, visitors

  • Establishment of restricted access zones and restrictions

  • Respect for the sequence and direction of movements from one production site to another to avoid risks of pathogen transmission

  • Automatic log keeping, in real time, of all comings and goings indicating people, places, and time

  • Option of remotely monitoring, in real time, all movements on your production sites, and of customizing setting via your smart phone. 

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What is the purposed solutions?

  • Establish a controlled access zone

  • Inside facilities with potential animal contact, restrict access to essential people

  • Respect the unidirectional movement through the barn, going by age sequence from younger to older animals

  • Maintain an employee and visitor log including the date and location of the most recent pig or other animal contact

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Spruce Grove, Alberta

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