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Abstract Water


Innovation management 
of your treatments through 
drinking water

Dosatron Smart Dosing.jpg

Monitoring, Security and Traceability

of your treatment through drinking water:
vaccinations, curative treatments and
metaphylactics, acids, biocides,
supplements, etc...

Record and monitor

the proper functioning of your treatments 
in real-time: medication, vaccination, 
acidification, etc...


your treatments thanks to “event”
and “incident” alarms: container
empty, preventative maintenance, etc...


your treatment data and the proper
functioning of your SmartDosing
in just a few clicks, thanks to the 
SmartLink software.

Supports good livestock 
practices by contributing to a 
reduction in the use of antibiotics

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Dosatron Smart Dosing 3.jpg
Dosatron Smart Dosing 5.jpg



Spruce Grove, Alberta

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