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Heat Recovery Ventilator
Designed for Agriculture


What is a Heat Recovery Ventilator? 

A heat recovery ventilator is a fan that preheats that air coming into a building by using the energy within the stale warm air that is usually expelled outdoors. By placing the air conduits side-by-side - without mixing the airflows together - the outgoing air transmits its heat to the incoming air. Once the incoming air has travelled through the heat exchanger and enters the building, its temperature has already increased by up to 50%. This technology saves energy and helps prevent detrimental cold drafts on the animals. 

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How does it work?

The ESA-1000 preheats the air coming into a building by using the warm air that is usually expelled outdoors. Installing an ESA-1000 unit is cost-effective investment as you quickly recoup your investment thanks to the money you save and your increased yields.

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Why do I need a 
recovery ventilator?

  • It pays for itself: quickly recover your investment thanks to the money you save and the increase in your production. 

  • Lowers heating costs by up to 50%.

  • Helps reduce cold drafts on the animals for improved animal activity and health. 

  • Provides minimum ventilation with better air circulation, which reduces your levels of Co2, humidity and ammonia. 

  • Decreases your greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50% by reducing your heating needs. 

What should I look for when buying  a heat recovery ventilator?

  • Quick and simple installation

  • Quick and easy maintenance 

  • Visual monitoring of its performance 

  • Neutral pressure, balance inflow and outflow

  • Compatible with existing ventilation controls

  • Tolerant to extreme cold temperatures

Why do I need a 
recovery ventilator?

  • It is designed specifically for the most difficult conditions, such as we find in the agriculture industry. 

  • With over 7 years of R&D, our heat recovery ventilators are among the best on the market. 

  • The unique three-piece modular design of the ESA-1000 makes the installation as 1-2-3.

  • Just unclip and remove the cartridge for a quick 5-minute power wash. 

  • Each unit comes with it’s own controller, which allows for continuous monitoring of its performance. 

  • The ESA heat recovery ventilator exhausts the same amount of air as it takes in, ensuring that there are no changes in pressure. 

  • With its patent pending technology, the ESA-1000 heat recovery ventilator uses a single motor for both the incoming and outgoing air flows. 

  • A built-in-Auto-Defrost cycle allows it to operate in the most extreme cold conditions.

  • The ESA-1000 has already proven itself in many different locations.

  • It operates in several modes: standalone, manual or variable, all operated by your existing ventilation controls.

  • A ESA-1000 heat recovery ventilator reduces the greenhouse gases produced by your heating system by up to 50%!

  • Compatible with

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Spruce Grove, Alberta

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